Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Catholic Hipster Handbook Sneak Peak: God Made Laughter

As we like to do every once in a while around this weblog, today we're dropping another sneak peak into The Catholic Hipster Handbook!

Contributor Sergio Bermudez gives us a glimpse into the world of Catholic humor, and how it's actually a great (and very Catholic) thing to poke fun at ourselves while having a great time doing it.

"I know, this seems like a contradictory idea, if we’re supposed to value the Church and her teachings above all things, how can we dare to laugh at it? Well, that’s where the important distinction lies. Clearly, intention and who, or what you’re targeting is key in all this and something to be mindful of."

If you spend any amount of time in the Catholic corners of social media you've most definitely come across our self-deprecating sense of humor, and as Serg points out, our faith has passed this tradition down through the ages:

"For example: St. Pope John XXIII once wrote: 'There are three ways to face ruin: women, gambling, and farming. My father chose the most boring one.'"

And it isn't just the smiling and joyful Popes of the recent past who have encouraged the use of humor, it's the saints too:

"In fact, many Saints cultivated humor, and understood that it’s an important part of the human experience. St. Phillip Neri once shaved half his beard, not to teach people, or anything but simply because it was funny."

My favorite part of this particular contribution from Sergio, however, has to be how he sets up the conclusion: 

"What does any of this have to do with making jokes about the Catholic Church? Well, to be honest, nothing." 

To read more about Sergio's take on humor within the Church and all the rest of the amazing contributions that make up The Catholic Hipster Handbook, pre-order your copy (real version or Kindle version) by clicking here. 

And please remember, we're just joking...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Second Ever Canadian Catholic Hipster of the Year is...

It's official. 

After 87 votes, we are ready to announce our second ever Canadian Catholic Hipster of the Year. 

With 38% of the tally, the winner is...


In true Canadian style, we would like to apologize to those who came up short this time around: Greg Hillis (with 30% of the vote), Sam Rocha (with 21% of the vote), and Jane Kovemaker (with 11% of the vote). 

Some would say Jane is the true hipster, coming in with the least amount of votes, but today we're going to allow this maple leafed crown to reside with the one and only Saska Priest,  Fr. Darryl. 

Well done, eh?

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Chimney - Episode 123

You ready for a brand new episode of The Chimney? 

We're talking about Mike Pence at Notre Dame, the new cardinals, and Pippa's wedding!